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Wolverine and Storm sitting in a tree? X of Swords teaser gets steamy

Wolverine #7 teaser
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November 11's Wolverine #7 (opens in new tab) may rekindle an old flame from the X-Men's long, soap operatic history, with a new teaser from Marvel Comics implying that Wolverine and Storm's longtime on-again-off-again romantic relationship may once again be on as part of 'X of Swords.'

Though it's not the most well-known of romances, Wolverine and Storm's relationship first blossomed on the page following 2012's Avengers vs. X-Men, which ended Storm's marriage to Black Panther. She and Wolverine subsequently gave in to their long-gestating flirtation, and began a romantic partnership.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Oddly, that story also established a previously unstated relationship between the two that is said to have gone on at times when neither had a partner.

Their relationship ended when Wolverine lost his healing factor, and subsequent changes in his mental state drove Wolverine and Storm apart.

In the current 'Dawn of X' era, it's implied (though not quite specifically stated) that Wolverine is in an openly polyamorous relationship with Jean Grey, who is still married to Cyclops – while Wolverine and Cyclops each also have other relationships, perhaps even with each other.

This may mean that Storm and Wolverine's romance may have also rekindled in 'Dawn of X,' or may be about to reignite – even if only while the two are away from their other lovers in Otherworld for 'X of Swords.'

The simple solicitation for Wolverine #7 reveals little, in typical 'X of Swords' fashion, stating simply "Endurance. Survival. The true lesson of pain."

Meanwhile, the new teaser from Marvel asks "Amidst the clash of swords, will an old flame reigite?"

"What you'll understand, at the end of this story, is that the story of the blade is just beginning," Wolverine writer Ben Percy previously told Newsarama of Wolverine's place in the crossover. "'X of Swords' is an additive platform for more mythic storytelling in the mainline."

Couple that with comments from X-Men group editor Jordan D. White that Storm will have a major story coming in 2021, and it seems there's at least some potential for Wolverine and Storm to have an ongoing romance.

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