Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players are despairing at its opening boss

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's first boss is absolutely demoralizing players.

Zhang Liang has the honor of being the opening boss fight in Team Ninja's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If you thought the boss might be a bit of a pushover because he's the first major fight in the new action game, you'd be dead wrong, as countless players are now finding out to their horror.

The trouble with Zhang Liang is that he's basically a roadblock, demanding players either learn how to parry, or suffer endlessly. There aren't really any viable alternatives to overcoming the opening Wo Long boss - if you can't get the timing of your parries absolutely right, you're in for a miserable time.

Oh, and Zhang Liang has a brutal second phase. If you didn't already know, the boss basically consumes a mystical tablet and grows a monstrous extended arm when you've exhausted his first health bar. This arm completely messes up all the timing parries you've learned, throwing a new gauntlet at you to learn or perish.

Deflecting is absolutely a viable tactic for Zhang Liang, as the tweet below points out. However, you'll still need to parry the red Spirit-draining attacks the boss throws out in both his phases, which can potentially kill you in one hit if you've got less than half your health left.

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Once Zhang Liang is down though, Wo Long opens up, because you'll have basically completed the prologue tutorial area. Team Ninja putting Zhang Liang up at the beginning of Wo Long is just downright brutal, a challenge to players to either learn the parrying system, or get out.

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