With Super Earth losing another planet to the Automatons, Helldivers 2 players want the community to think harder about galactic strategy

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Helldivers 2 players are attempting to get others thinking more tactically about the ongoing Galactic War, in the face of the Automaton threat.

Things have been pretty rough for Helldivers 2 players of late. The Super Earth forces managed to lose Malevelon Creek after an incredibly hard-fought battle, and sought to fight back in a big way, only for 350,000 soldiers to see their progress go backwards on Veld as the Terminid forces closed in all around them.

Some players are seemingly a bit tired of this 'tug of war'-style offensive from the Helldivers 2 players at large. In the Reddit post below, a call to action is made for players to start thinking more tactically, right on the cusp of Veld finally being liberated from the bugs are multiple days fighting on the frontier, and Mantes being on the cusp of falling to the Automatons.


The Reddit poster theorizes that Helldivers 2 players will disperse from Veld once it's liberated, but instead of going back to the Automaton frontier, they'll instead to go other planets to fight on the eastern frontier against the Terminid forces. The poster says this is a huge mistake, because it'll leave planets in the Automaton sector like Draupnir ripe for slaughter against the Automatons.

"We absolutely need to be focusing Draupnir and if you absolutely want to fight on the bug front, follow the biggest player group on whatever planet they go to next right after Veld," the poster writes. The poster also reminds others that the planet Mantes is effectively a lost cause, as they "need over 200k divers on Mantes" to properly retake the planet, and that probably isn't going to happen.

The post is effectively trying to get players to look at both frontiers tactically, and see which system needs reinforcements, rather than just heading to the planet of your choice. This is going to be a bigger ask than you think - I'd wager the majority of Helldivers 2 players aren't thinking like this, and definitely aren't browsing the game's Reddit on a daily basis. The Galactic War is a tough frontier, and I doubt it's about to get any easier unless players start thinking like this.

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