The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Contract: Big Game Hunter  

Suggested Level: 46 | Prerequisites: N/A  

Check the notice board at the Cockatrice Inn to initiate this quest, then head to Chuchote Cave to speak to Count Beledal about the job. He needs protection while he documents some of Toussaint’s unique wildlife. Head to the markers to encounter various species like panthers and bears. If you’re careful, Beledal will get the info he needs without aggravating any of the animals. Otherwise, be prepared to fight.

For the final part of the expedition, Beledal will want to see peacocks mate. Travel to the spot and use Axii to make the birds do their mating dance. This will also summon a centipede to the area. Take it down to close out the expedition. Back at the camp, you’ll have a chance to meet Beledal at a picnic where he’ll display his work from the day’s events. Meet him there to receive a special reward and wrap up the quest.     

The Black Widow  

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s a Hidden Treasure location west of Flovive, along the riverbank. Check the corpse there for a letter and a key, then read the letter to learn of sunken treasure in the water. Dive in and search the sunken ship to find some nice loot.

Applied Escapology  

Suggested Level: 37 | Prerequisites: N/A  

There’s a Hidden Treasure on Crane Isle too. Head around back to find the escapologist’s journal. Read it, and you’ll get a new flooded cave marker on your map. You’ll need to loot the body found inside to finish the quest, so be prepared to get in and out of there before you run out of air. Once you’ve grabbed the key, swim to your new marker to find another underwater cave. Search inside to find a chest you can pop with the key you just looted.   

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Granite!  

Suggested Level: 36 | Prerequisites: N/A  

You can get this quest from the notice board in Beauclair, at the Gran’place. Talk to the art curator to learn that his granite statue’s *ahem* testicles have been stolen. Use your Witcher senses to find some clues, and you’ll discover a scent trail. Follow it to find the man who stole the statue’s jewels in a rather compromising position. From this point, you have a couple of choices in dealing with the thief, his mistress, and her husband. Return what was stolen to the curator (or let the thief keep it and let the curator know) to finish the quest.

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