The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Blood and Wine

No Place Like Home  

Suggested Level: N/A | Prerequisites: Defeat the shaelmaar during “The Beast of Toussaint.”

After the tourney, duchess Henrietta will award you an unoccupied vineyard. Head back to Corvo Bianco – now free of corpses – and meet your new majordomo. Take a tour with him to get a lay of the land. The next step is to spruce up the place. You’ll need to improve the house with general refurbishment, and improve the grounds with an armorer’s table and grindstone. It’ll cost a few thousand crowns to do this, but once you shell out the coin and wait around for a few days, the renovations will be complete.  

Visit the majordomo to learn of a discovery during the renovations. Head to the cellar to find a crumbling wall you can blow through with Aard. On the other side is a special alchemy table you can use to craft mutagens. Return to the majordomo, and you’ll have more renovations to choose from.   

This time around, you can order a new bed, weapon rack, and armor stand for your part of the house, refurbish the guest room, and get a new stable and herb garden for the grounds. Pay for all of these – it’s an expensive quest, eh? – and Corvo Bianco will be fully restored. Celebrate with the majordomo if you want, but that’s the end of the quest.  

The Warble of a Smitten Knight 

Suggested Level: 35 | Prerequisites: Defeat the shaelmaar during “The Beast of Toussaint.”  

Remember Guillaume, the other knight who fought the shaelmaar with you? Visit him after the battle to learn that something’s wrong with his lady friend Vivienne. To get an audience with her, he’ll have to win another tourney, but his injuries prevent that. Agree to enter in his place.  

It’s best to get in some training first. For target practice, you’ll have a limited time to hit all the red targets with your crossbow. For race training, you’ll have to not only get through the course in a limited time, but you can extend that limit by slashing dummies and shooting targets. Fight training is pretty straightforward, so the practice round is just a simple duel.   

With training done, register at the marked tent to get all set for the tourney itself (you can have an optional Gwent duel with a friend before the festivities begin). In round one, you’ll have to snipe all the red targets before your opponent nails the blue ones. After this, you’ll get a chance to search Vivienne’s tent. Do so and gather as many clues as you can before you’re forced back to the tourney grounds.  

In round two, you’ll have to get around the track before time expires. You’ll have a chance to take a little wine break after, during which you may be challenged by another knight if you’re wearing the Rivia armor. Take him down, and you’ll get another chance to figure out what’s wrong with Vivienne.   

Head to her tent, and use your Witcher senses to spot a small bird. Follow it across the map, taking out the panthers that attack you along the path. This will eventually lead you through a cave and to a clearing – where you’ll find Vivienne in her half-bird form. After agreeing to help lift her curse, you’ll return for the final round of the tourney.   

Before it starts, you’ll have a chance to speak with Guillaume. You can lift Vivienne’s curse with an egg and shorten her lifespan, or transfer the curse to Guillaume via water. Your call. Then it’s time for the final skirmish. Get through the tilt, then win your one-on-one duel with Gregoire to finish the tourney. After that, you can take care of Vivienne’s curse with whichever method you prefer (you’ll have to fight one more panther in the clearing though). And that’s a wrap on this very long side quest!   

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