The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


The Lord of Undvik

Prerequisite: Complete "The King Is Dead - Long Live the King." | Suggested Level: 17

This quest will unlock automatically while speaking with Crach about his children. Apparently, his son Hjalmar has sailed off to kill an ice giant. You'll next need to head to the inn in town and speak with some of the folks there about the giant and the island where he lives. After this, it's time to sail to Undvik - your map should land you near the Marlin Coast marker.

You'll find the island abandoned, so head to your quest marker. This will lead you right into the giant's territory. Once he slips away, head toward the massive abandoned ship. Take out the sirens nearby, then climb into the hull to meet a man named Octo, who'll inform you that Hjalmar is camped nearby.

Head there to find the camp abandoned, with a few corpses lying around. Use your Witcher Senses to examine these and find some footprints as well. Follow these to start on a long trek up hills and through an abandoned village, eventually reaching a dead body near the special Hornwall Horn. Pick this handy item up, and keep using your senses to find some troll tracks leading into a cave.

Make your way through the cave to eventually find a group of trolls about to boil a man alive. To free him, you'll have to answer a riddle: the correct choice is "a troll." Folan the archer will now accompany you to the giant's lair. The two of you need to head for your new marker across the lake on the eastern side of the isle. You'll find Hjalmar here, battling sirens; take them out.

Now it's up to the three of you to slay the giant. Head to your new marker to reach his cave. Go inside, and you'll find another one of Hjalmar's comrades locked in a cage near the giant. Free him or don't - either way, it's time to face the giant. His defense is obviously quite high, but Igni will help.


Prerequisite: Complete "The King Is Dead - Long Live the King." | Suggested Level: 17

This quest will unlock automatically while speaking with Crach about his children. Apparently, his daughter Cerys has set off on a dangerous mission of her town. To find out more, you need to sail for the town of Svorlag, on the northwestern isle of Spikeroog. Speak to Udalryk, the jarl there; you'll soon learn he's not quite right in the head.

Now you need to head to the jarl's old family home. Step inside the creepy place and use your Witcher Senses to spot some footprints. Follow these to find Cerys passed out in a hallway. A cut scene will play, during which you'll learn that Udalryk's family sword can lift the curse on him.

Head back inside the house and use your Senses again - you'll find a cellar key through the first door on the left side of the house. Use it to enter the cellar, and you'll find the all-important sword on a table down there.

Return to the jarl's house with Cerys to learn more about Udalryk's dead brother Aki. You'll have to return the sword to his dead body. Swim out to your new marker and use your Witcher Senses to find Aki's remains under the water. Drop the sword there and return to Udalryk to find that the curse remains. Speak to Cerys, and Geralt will tell her the real source of trouble here: a hym.

You have two choices here: trick the hym, or draw it out of Udalryk and kill it. Either method will take you back to the haunted house. With the former, you'll have to first use your Witcher Senses to check out some of the more mysterious items in the house. Cerys will get an idea for tricking the hym, so return to her. When she returns with a baby - stay with me here - you need to toss it into the oven; remember, it's just a trick. The quest will wrap up in a happy way.

If you choose to try to kill the hym, the first thing you'll need to do is grab some torches. Get them from the nearby storage shed and return to the house. Place the torches you just grabbed at the marked spaces and inform Udalryk that the preparations have been made.

Head back inside and light the torches. Now you must face the hym - note that Igni is its weakness. If Udalryk starts to freak out and leave the room, use Axii to calm him down and keep the hym visible. When it retreats, head down into the cellar to finish it off. With the beast slain, the quest will end.

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