The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions

Prerequisite: Complete "Fists of Fury: Skellige." | Suggested Level: 11

After becoming the champion, you'll be approached about a fight with the Champion of Champions. Head to Hov on the eastern side of Spikeroog to meet with the bookee, who'll tell you that the arena's closed. You'll have to complete "Masters of the Arena" to continue. Return to him after this to face the true champion: a rock troll. If you pull off a win here, you'll become the new Champion of Champions.

Masters of the Arena

Prerequisite: Begin "Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions." | Suggested Level: 14

You need to get the arena back open. Talk to the men in the nearby watchtower to learn that a wraith is haunting the arena. Head inside to face the ghost, and you'll be able to take him down in a few hits. He'll then vanish, threatening to reappear as he always does.

Wait a day and return. Speak to the ghost again, and let him defeat you. This will send him off to the afterlife. Return to the men in the watchtower and tell them the news to finish this quest. If you decided to take a percentage of the arena earnings earlier, you'll have to come back later to collect those.

Contract: Muire D'yaeblen

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 18

This contract is available at the Kaer Trolde Harbor Notice Board. Check it out, then speak to Bjorg by the fast travel marker to learn about drowners attacking sailors in the area. Start the hunt by speaking to witnesses around the harbor.

Now it's time to check the areas where the attacks happened. Choose either one and use your Witcher Senses to find another vicitim. This will create a red scent trail you can follow to reach the drowners' lair. Head through, taking out the drowners in the caverns, until you reach a strange lair. This isn't a drowner problem: you're dealing with a sea hag.

The next step is to mask your scent. Go into your Alchemy menu and craft some drowner pheromones, use it on yourself, and head to your marker to wait for the hag to arrive. She won't be hard to defeat, but note that she will bring some drowners into the fight with her. Once you're victorious, return to Bjorg for your reward.

Worthy of Trust

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: N/A

You can find a man in Kaer Trolde Harbor begging for money; he needs it to get back to Novigrad. Loan him some crowns to get this quest going. Return to the area a while later, and you'll find him on the path leading out of the harbor. Ask him what happened, and you'll learn that the man's not so trustworthy after all.

Despite this, you need to extend his loan to continue the quest. Once you do, head to Fyresdal. You'll find him there, and he'll finally pay you back. Not so bad after all.

The Phantom of Eldberg

Prerequisite: Being "The King Is Dead - Long Live the King." | Suggested Level: 17

During the feast, Geralt will learn of this contract, involving a haunting near Arinbjorn. Head there to meet with Jorund in the inn and find out more: a wraith has set up shop in the area near the lighthouse.

Head north to check the affected area (chances are, you'll run into some weaker wraiths on the way there). Knock on the door of the lone house to meet the lightkeeper Mijkkal. He'll give you a key to the lighthouse, so head up the path and use your Witcher Senses to find a weird symbol painted on the side of the building. Then head inside and use the ladders and your Senses to reach a letter that hides a little secret about our lightkeeper.

Head back to Mikkjal, as you need his help to lift the curse on the land. As you two head for the lighthouse, the Penitent will appear. For the first little while, all you can do is avoid taking damage and kill off any extra wraiths he summons. Once Mikkjal restores the light in the tower, you can deal some real damage. Take him down! Return to Journd after the fight for your reward.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Prerequisite: Complete "The Phantom of Eldberg." | Suggested Level: 14

On your way out, you'll be harassed by some Skelligers. Take them out - Jorund will die in the brawl - and head outside. The father of the thugs you just killed isn't very happy. After a talk, you'll be taken to Madman Lugo to be judged.

You'll wind up in a prison cell, but you can use Axii on the guard to get your trail started early. Madman Lugo remembers you from the wake, so he'll take care of things, as long as you repay the favor…

The Cave of Dreams

Prerequisite: Complete "Stranger in a Strange Land." | Suggested Level: 14

That favor is checking in on Madman's son Blueboy, who's recently journeyed to the dangerous Cave of Dreams. Head to the southern edge of the island to find him camped on the beach.

Talk your way onto the Boat and speak to Blueboy. He'll gather his men, then it'll be time to head into the cave. Follow his crew, and you'll soon come upon some nekkers. Take them out. After a cut scene, you'll wake up in a more nightmarish version of the cave.

Venture further to reach a ghostly court. You'll have to fight the ghostly soldiers here, and doing so opens up more of the cave. You'll encounter a pair of sirens in the next chamber. Kill them and continue on to face a flaming, spectral version of Madman Lugo.

There's one more section of the cave to explore. In it you'll encounter a hallucination of the King of the Wild Hunt and two of his hounds. Defeat this icy trio to face Geralt's fears and complete the quest.

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