The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Haunted House

Prerequisite: Complete "Novigrad Dreaming." | Suggested Level: 7

During "Novigrad Dreaming," you have the option to let Sarah the godling stay in the house and tell the owner, de Jonkheer, that it's haunted. Once you finish the quest, check the Hierarch Square notice board to begin this quest.

Head back to the house and head up to bedroom to find Corrine and Sarah playing together. Simply checking in on them will wrap up this quick quest.

Fencing Lessons

Prerequisite: Complete "Broken Flowers." | Suggested Level: 12

During "Broken Flowers," you'll meet one of Dandelion's ladies, Rosa. Agree to continue to train her to unlock this quest. Visit her home the next day (after whenever you unlock it) to begin. Talk to the guard there to find that Rosa has gone to a bridge nearby.

Head to your new mark by the Southern Gate to meet with her. She'll then lead you onto the bridge for a quick duel - and then disappear. Use your Witcher Senses to pick up her tracks, and follow them to find Rosa being harassed at the Seven Cats Inn. You can get ride of her oppressors with a fight, money, or Axii. Whichever you choose, you can send Rosa back home after the squabble to complete the quest.

The Gangs of Novigrad

Prerequisite: Being "Get Junior." | Suggested Level: 9

This quest will pop after the bathhouse brawl in "Get Junior." Dijksrta's mate Cleaver will leave in a huff, threatening to take his own action against some rival thugs. Head to his place near Hierarch Square and agree to help find Whoreson Junior to kick things off.

Cleaver plans on raiding Junior's casino and arena. Choose one of the two and head there - expect to encounter bandits along the way. You'll have to clear out plenty of Junior's men in either location, and once you do, you can return to Cleaver for a nice reward.

Honor Among Thieves

Prerequisite: Begin "Get Junior." | Suggested Level: 9

During the long quest that is "Get Junior," you'll free a halfling named Rico. When you do, visit the King of Beggars for a reward. It's that simple.

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