Window to WoW, week eight

Crimson Steer Energy Drink: It's not really great in terms of doing anything useful, but come on, "Crimson Steer Energy Drink?" It's good for a laugh, at least. Get it from Secrets of the Daggerfen (Alliance) or Us or Them (Horde) in Zangarmarsh.

Miniwing: A nifty little bird pet. The quest is hard to get. You have to find Skywing in Terokkar Forest and escort him for a bit. Impress your friends with this rare pet.

Everlasting Underspore Frond: One of our favorites. It's a quest reward from the Sporegger T'shu in Zangermarsh (Oh, It's On! 63+). Basically, it makes everyone a mini-mage every 12 hours. Okay, so by 70 the 4410 health/mana regen won't get you back to full, but it's a free way to always make sure you have a little bit of something to eat as you're grinding away in middle of Netherstorm.

Dib'maud's Crysknife, Revered Mother's Crysknife, Shani's Crysknife:Decent daggers for each class, however the quest chain leading up to them abounds with Dune references and the daggers themselves are the piece de resistance. From the Bone Wastes, starts with Dwarfowitz (Digging through Bones, 65+) and an escort with some of the best comedic dialogue in WoW.

Battered Steam Tonk Controller: Gather up some friends for to-the-death tonk on tonk wars! Lets you summon your own little tonk for awhile. Get it from Ethan in the Bone Wastes (Missing Friends 64+).

These are just a few of the wild and wacky items we've come across, not to mention the innuendos and random pop culture references. Have any favorites? Let us know on the forums. In the meantime, head to our Window to WoW Archives to catch up on the latest news and insights from our field operatives in Azeroth.