Window to WoW, week eight

You've seen them around. Trinkets that give you health back, hats that yield cold mugs of ale, fronds that create food, remote controlled trucks, and cool pets. Some quests seem to exist purely to reward you with items that are too cute to throw away and suck up all your bag slots. Today, we're going to show you where you can go to get some of our favorites.

Outcast's Cache: Gotten from turning in Arrokkoa Feather's to Vekax in Lower City. What you get varies, but is usually a stack of potions plus a nice blue or green BoE item. You can turn in stacks of 30 feathers repeatedly for Lower City rep and the cache reward.

Mirren's Drinking Hat: Not only good stats, it's refreshing too! Reminiscent of the beer hats loved by sports fans and frat boys alike. The hat yields a different drink every 60 minutes. Get it from the dwarves in Hellfire Peninsula (The Softest Down, 61+).

Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole: Finally! A fishing pole that does some damage! For all those times you got called into a battleground while you were fishing for some stonescale eels or golden darters and forgot to change your weapon out. Not to mention a nice +20 to fishing bonus. From Seth in Shattrath's Lower City (Rather be Fishin', 64+)

Zul'Gurub Fishing Spot: Not really a quest reward, but free drinks are free drinks. Take some friends, grab a lawn chair, and watch the river go by.

Nagrand Cherry: Allows you to breathe underwater for 30 minutes. You get 20 of them and they sure come in handy. Get them from Elementalist Lo'ap in Nagrand (A Rare Bean, 65+). You'll have to dig through dung heaps in Nagrand so it's fun all over.