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Artwork of a futuristic train.
(Image credit: Usborne)

If you're of a certain vintage, and at all geeky, you've probably remember some of publisher Usborne's earliest books, like the World of the Unknown series. In the decades since they've started changing hands for triple-figure sums on eBay. All three have been reissued recently, to cater for us ageing nostalgists!

Well now another classic range has been revived. The Usborne Book of the Future is a reissue of a 1979 hardback which collected three books in The World of the Future range: Future Cities, Robots and Star Travel. A new introduction by futurologist Tom Cheesewright has been added, but otherwise the text and images are unaltered, allowing you to thrill to a depiction of an Olympics on the Moon (complete with 14-metre high jump) and wonder what the devil happened to the maglev supertubes, fusion power stations and battlefield lasers we were supposed to have by now.

The Usborne Book of the Future is available to buy now, but thanks to Usborne we have 10 copies to give away. To put your name in the hat for the chance to win one, simply answer the question below.

A spaceship battle on the cover of The Usborne Book of the Future.

(Image credit: Usborne)
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