Win Blu-rays of Mothra, The H-Man and Battle in Outer Space

Giant moth Mothra takes flight!
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Japanese director Ishirō Honda is best known for a little movie he made in 1954: Godzilla. But he also made lots more movies for the home of Big G, Toho Studios. Three of them have recently been released on Blu-ray, in the Masters Of Cinema range.

1961's Mothra introduces the giant moth who would go to rival Godzilla in popularity (and cause almost as city-wrecking destruction by flapping his giant wings). The H-Man (1958) is a noir-tinged effort, whose titular bogeyman is a slimy horror that can ooze under doors. Finally, 1959's Battle in Outer Space sees flying saucers from the planet Natal wreaking devastation with their anti-grav rays.

The H-Man and Battle in Outer Space come bundled together in two-for-one release Ishio Honda Double Feature, while Mothra is a standalone release. Both Blu-rays are available to buy now. You can choose between Japanese or English-language edits; other bonuses include expert commentaries on The H-Man and Battle in Outer Space and an interview with Kim Newman about Mothra. Thanks to Eureka Entertainment we have copies of both releases to give away to three lucky winners. To put your name in the hat, simply answer the question below.

The Blu-ray covers for Mothra and Ishiro Honda Collection

(Image credit: Eureka Entertainment)
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