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Win a FREE copy of Street Fighter IV

For fighting fans, the only thing better than Street Fighter IV is a free copy Street Fighter IV. Thanks to Australian rock band Sick Puppies, we have free copies of Street Fighter IV to give away to our favorite people on the planet: our readers.

Above: GamesRadar wants YOU to enter our contest for a FREE copy of Street Fighter IV

Above: Sick Puppies’ “War” is featured in the latest SF IV commercial. Check out theband’s siteand their new album, Tri-Polar


We have one 360 copy and another for the PS3. Know what that means? WAR! Or a console war, at least. So to win a copy, head over to ourforums, and draw, Photoshop, or create an image depicting your console of choice beating down your console’s rival, Street Fighter-style. We’re accepting new entries until this Friday, September 4th.

If it’s not clear which version you’re aiming to win based on the image, make sure you tell us which one you want.

Above: The competition is fierce. So head to ourforumsand post your entry today

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Sept 1, 2009