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Will they, won't they? Is it going to happen for Brienne and Tormund in Game of Thrones season 8?

Forget about who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne. The big question on everyone’s lips now that Game of Thrones season 7 (opens in new tab) is over is: Will Brienne and Tormund get together in season 8? The budding romance between two of the fiercest warriors in Westeros may have been improvised by the cast members in season 6, but it became one of the stand out moments of the season and captured the hearts of fans the world over

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Fans were hoping the Wildling would be able to charm the Tarth aristocrat in season 7, but alas it was not to be and so now our hopes are all pinned on the final season because, let’s be honest, we could do with a happily-ever-after in ‘Thrones. It’s never as simple as that though, and at the end of the last season they were both in very different places (physically and emotionally). So, will they or won’t they? Here are arguments for and against the pair coupling up in season 8. Which do you think is most likely?

Yes - Brimund forever!

Game of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff never do anything without a reason. They’ve proven time and time again that there’s a blueprint to Thrones and nothing goes into the show without good cause. The ‘meat flirting’ scene might have come about thanks to actor Kristofer Hivju’s interpretation of the script, but if the showrunners hadn’t liked it, it wouldn’t have made the cut. And now it’s canon, so deal.

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Now Tormund’s crush is part of the show, we have to have some kind of payoff before the end of the show. And unlike a lot of Thrones romances, it’s unlikely they’ll resolve it by killing off one of the characters (I hope!) because it would be completely out of character for the relationship, which is one of the few light-hearted and fun exchanges in the show. Ok, so they could resolve it by having Brienne tell him in no uncertain terms that his affection is not reciprocated, but her reaction to him so far is one of confusion rather than disgust. We know she’s thought about the possibility of love before thanks to Renly Baratheon, but she’s not used to men reacting to her in this way. It’s new territory and one which will take some time to get used to. I wouldn’t count her out yet.

Plus, have you ever seen two people more well suited for each other?! Ok, so they’d have the whole Wilding/highborn class system to overcome, but Brienne’s already proven she doesn’t care about society’s rules and it’s not like the Wildlings will be annoyed if Tormund shacks up with a Westeros lady. They also have the same values - fighting, more fighting, and being really good at fighting. Brienne is all about honour and while this may seem like an alien concept to Tormund on the surface, his loyalty to Jon Snow proves he has his own strong sense of honour. He’ll always do what’s right for his people - whether it works for his allies or not - and Brienne will surely respect that.

Even Gwendoline Christie thinks the pair are meant to be together. "Everyone's very excited about that aren't they?" she said to Access Hollywood at the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere. "I think they could make a very, very good couple when you think about the fact that he isn't at all intimidated. He only is interested in Brienne for her prowess and how impressive she is as a woman." Even Jaime Lannister - who fans thought might be a little jealous - agrees! "I think he [Jaime] would be maybe a little disappointed but then he would go, it's probably better," said actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. "It's a better fit."

I’m telling you, Brimund is going to happen! They might not settle down and start having little Briennes and Tormunds, but once Brienne gets used to the idea of someone being into her, she’s going to see what a perfect match Tormund is for her. How long the relationship lasts after that is anyone’s guess...

No - this isn't a romcom

On the other hand… this is Game of Thrones. You know, the show that killed off the main protagonist in the first season? That murdered most of his family throughout the rest of the show, and continually tortures the ones who do survive. This isn’t The Brady Bunch. Hell, this isn’t even The Walking Dead (opens in new tab) and even they don’t let people live happily ever after. Can you really see Brienne and Tormund settling down getting married and having a family? Really? It seems pretty unlikely for a series that sees a wedding as an excuse for a bloodbath.

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Then there’s the fact that the showrunners themselves have said it’s not going to happen. “We need to kill one of them now,” Benioff told Vanity Fair. “There can’t be a happy ending or any romantic connection on the show. But we’re not going to tell you which one.” And while he’s obviously over exaggerating to make a joke, the point still stands. It would be a massive side-step for a show which treats romance as little more than an inconvenience when it comes to making allies, and I’m not sure Thrones could overcome such a drastic change in the way it handles its material.

Even Hivju himself has said it’s not true love: “I don't think Tormund differentiates between love and lust. That's one thing to him. It's one big bowl of nice things to him. It's definitely love-lust at first sight.” And while it doesn’t have to be love at first sight for the pair to hook up, his fascination is unlikely to last long if Brienne isn’t interested, which currently, she doesn’t look to be.

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Oh, and then there's just the minor point that Tormund might be dead! Ok, ok, I don't think he is because we never saw a body after the Night King bought The Wall down in the season 7 finale, but even if he's alive he's still nowhere near Brienne and for two people to be together, they kind of need to be in the same place. There just wasn't enough time for the pair to develop a relationship in a show which constantly splits characters up for years at a time. I’m sorry to say it but it doesn’t look like Brienne and Tormund are getting together. You’ll have to just settle for Jon and Dany's awkward hook up. 

What do you think? Will Brienne and Tormund get together? Vote below!

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