Will Ferrell is 2-Face

It seems that a studio can’t get a comedy (or indeed any film these days) up and running without every intimate detail being reported the minute every single deal is done. Well, unless the producer happens to be JJ Abrams.

Still, Sony has managed to nab Hancock re-write scribe Vince Gilligan’s script 2-Face and get Will Ferrell attached without setting off any of the usual radars despite years of development. Ferrell will take the lead in 2-Face, the story of a man with a seriously split personality:after a prank goes awry: one is a scathing racist, the other a big-hearted liberal. With social relevance fighting for screen time with crazed behaviour, it sounds like the perfect fit for Ferrell.

There’s no director yet, but The Hollywood Reporter is in two minds about the whole project .