Wild Hearts Bladed Wagasa weapon guide for beginners

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Our Wild Hearts Bladed Wagasa weapon guide explains how this weaponised parasol works, especially the unique parry mechanic. The other skill of the Wild Hearts Wagasa is to build its damage over time with continued successful use, evolving into a more deadly version as you fill its weapon gauge. Our guide to the Bladed Wagasa in Wild Hearts will take you through its many nuances, with tips, moveset and more besides.

How to use the Wild Hearts Bladed Wagasa

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The Wild Hearts Bladed Wagasa uses its parry power to push for a more aggressive form of fighting when compared to most other Wild Hearts weapons, and you should use it to get up close to enemies and press the advantage. To put it bluntly, when you can block any attack, you have no excuse for not being right in the Kemono's face. The tricky bit is mastering the parry itself, but as you get better, you'll be able to fill up the weapon gauge in the lower left, which increases the Wagasa's damage by a potentially huge amount.

Bladed Wagasa moveset and attacks

The Wild Hearts Bladed Wagasa has the following basic moves ready to go for the aspiring parasol pioneer.

  • Square/X: Spindance/sweep attack
  • Triangle/Y: Lunge attack
  • R2/RT: Parry (consumes significant stamina)

Don't be fooled into thinking it's simple, there's actually a lot more to it than this - the Wagasa has a complex variety of combos that tend to fling players unpredictably around the battlefield - but this is the basic principle for using the weapon properly. To use it well, you have to master these two additional elements.

Bladed Wagasa Parry and Spindance Gauge explained

The Wagasa's signature elements in Wild Hearts are the unique parry ability and the weapon's Spindance Gauge in the lower left. I'll cover them both here.

The Parry is a quick block that can deflect basically any attack, provided you aim the Wagasa directly at it and time it right (it's a small window and has a brief cooldown). Timing is definitely something you'll have to learn, but it's an unrivalled defence. Unfortunately, it also eats Stamina like few other techniques - you can only do it three times in succession before having to wait for a recharge.

The Spindance gauge is the weapon gauge in three sections above your health bar. As you land damage on enemies, this gauge will increase, and it'll increase by a LOT if you can successfully parry an attack. However, it'll also decrease over time, so you'll need to be constantly pressing the advantage to keep it topped up.

Each time the gauge reaches one of the notches, the Wagasa's damage will increase (shown on the weapon by having it glow orange). Fully filling it will give it a serious damage boost, and is your chance to go in more aggressively than ever.

Bladed Wagasa tips and tricks

If you want to keep both the rain and the hundred-foot Kemono off, the Wagasa is the way to go. Here's some advice to help make it as potent as possible.

  • Spend some time practising the parry. If you don't know how to use it with at least a two-thirds reliability, you're really going to struggle to get the most out of the Bladed Wagasa.
  • Play aggressively! Back off for more than a few seconds and you'll probably lose all the progress made on your gauge.
  • The Wagasa's Lunge moves really throw the user around, so be careful about sending yourself sailing into the danger zone.
  • With the parry being so stamina-consuming, have a spring ready in case you burn yourself out and see an attack coming.
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