Wii sales surpass GameCube's lifetime sales?

It's (almost) official. The Wii has overtaken the worldwide lifetime sales of the GameCube in the thirteen months since its release.

On February 9, the Wii had sold 21.490 million consoles, while its predecessor had sold a mere 21.515 million units.

Based on the amount of Wiis sold last week, the console is currently selling 64,000 units per day.

Pop all that information in a mathematics machine and you get a figure of 21.554 million Wiis sold by the closing of business on February 10. Wowsers.

To put this in perspective, 61 million NES units, 49 million SNES units and 33 million N64 units are currently floating around the world in various states of despair.

Nintendo shouldn't be breaking out the champagne yet, though.Last October, Sony reported that the PS2 lifetime worldwide sales had surpassed 120 million. There's a long way to go, yet.

Source: VG Chartz

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 14, 2008