Wii lightsaber set to disappoint?

New details have come in on the (slightly) anticipated Wii version of The Force Unleashed, which finally brings saber-swinging Jedi antics to Nintendo's console. Unfortunately though, it's sounding like a far cry from the 1:1 saber swinging we were hoping for.

According to the latest Game Informer, The Force Unleashed will not use the Wii Remote for 1:1 lightsaber swinging, but instead your Force Powers will be motion controlled. Force Push, for example, is pulled off by (you guessed it) "pushing" the remote toward the screen.

It's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance with Storm Troopers then. Not that we weren't expecting that.

We've still got our fingers crossed that Lucasarts will give us the beautiful Wii Lightsaber action we've been demanding since Wii's announcement, but at the moment we can only prepare for disappointment.

Guess we'll have to play out our Star Wars fantasies with the toy swords for the time being then...

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 17, 2008