Wii gets Photo Channel update

Nov 13, 2007

Nintendo sends word that the Wii's Photo Channel will receive an update early next month, which adds new music file compatibility and other tweaks to the picture-browsing application. Does anyone use it, anyway?

The 1.1 Photo Channel Update replaces mp3 compatability with support to play AAC files, which Nintendo says "provide a greater sound quality than an .mp3 of the same size." Mp4 and m4a formats will also be supported.

Apparently, the update also lets Wii owners play back songs in a random order and display their favorite digital images from an SD card as their Photo Channel icon in the Wii Menu. Granny will be pleased.

It's nice to see Nintendo supporting the Wii channels, but we wish they'd give us more functions than we'd expect to see on a PlayStation One.

Courtesy of CVG