"Why am I Mr. Pink?"

Reservoir Dogs the game, based on Quentin Tarantino's classic '90s film, is to be released for Xbox, PS2 and PC this fall, publisher Eidos confirmed today.

The third-person shooter will stay true to the chronology and plot of the diamond-heist-gone-wrong film, while trying to fill in the gaps that the film doesn't cover, such as: what really went on at the heist? What happened to Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown? And perhaps it will clear up once and for all who shot Nice Guy Eddie.

While gameplay details are thin at the moment, it seems gamers will get the chance to control each of the five gang members at various points of the game.

Eidos brand manager Helen Lawson expressed her excitement about the project, stating: "We are proud to be working with one of the most original films to be released in our lifetime. Reservoir Dogs will appeal to both movie and gaming fans, and offers an unprecedented opportunity to play through the events of the movie and fill in the gaps."

The game will feature the soundtrack from the movie, which includes such ditties as "Little Green Bag" and "Stuck in the Middle with You."

It was well known that the rights to make a Reservoir Dogs game had been snapped up by publisher SCi several years ago, but there has been very little news since. Now that SCi and Eidos have come together, the game will finally be published under the Eidos brand name.

May 4, 2006