White Xbox Elite Series 2 controller leak points to September launch

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller
(Image credit: Xbox)

The unannounced white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has leaked online again.

This time, the controller briefly appeared on retailer Amazon's storefront, before being pulled offline. That's according to The Verge report Tom Warren in the tweet just below, who notes that the Amazon listing for the white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller had a release date of September 21.

As of right now, shortly after the Amazon listing has been pulled, neither Xbox or Microsoft has yet commented on the leaked controller. It's worth noting that Xbox held their day-long Gamescom 2022 livestream yesterday on August 25, and you'd be forgiven for assuming the controller would be announced then and there.

Instead, we're left waiting for confirmation of the newly-leaked Xbox Elite Series 2 controller from Xbox or Microsoft. If the new Amazon listing is accurate, and the new controller is set to release on September 21, we're now less than a month out from the new controller's launch without confirmation of it.

This isn't the first time we've seen the unannounced white controller. Earlier this year in July, a tiny YouTube channel uploaded a complete unboxing of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, showcasing all the various interchangeable parts that come with any version of the controller, cementing the video's legitimacy.

Over a month later in July, the video is still up and readily available on YouTube. It's strange that Xbox wouldn't be more bothered about taking down the unboxing video, and it's equally strange that someone got their hands on the final product over two months out from launch in September. 

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