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Which TV show has the most deaths: Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?

Ever wondered what is the bloodiest show on TV? Which TV show has killed without prejudice, shuffling people off to their mortal coil faster than you can say ‘Hey, who was that guy?’ Well, obviously The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones top the list. But which show has more deaths?

Thanks to the dedication of Reddit, we may have the definitive answer as to which show has the highest death count. See the infographic below...

Let’s get the headline figures out there: The Walking Dead lives up to its name with 1,216 deaths to Game of Thrones’ relatively tiny amount of 704 deaths. However, this only tallies up seasons 1-5 of the respective shows. So no Battle of the Bastards and certainly no Glenn who, frankly, is worth about a million deaths.

Also, The Walking Dead’s death total counts zombies which, if you’ve seen the show for more than 12 seconds, you’ll know has a knack for killing off the undead with reckless abandon. Walker deaths account for 1007 fatalities. That’s nearly 83% according to the infograph, and backed up by my trusty calculator.

If you’re looking for gut-wrenching deaths, then it’s Game of Thrones who claims the crown. It’s killed off 19 main characters (*sob*) compared to only 13 main characters from The Walking Dead (*quieter sob*).

For the full tally, check out the infographic below. Which show do you think will feature the most deaths when the dust has settled and the blood has dried? 

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