Where to buy RTX 3090 April 2024: the best GPU deals available now

Where to buy RTX 3090
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Seeking out where to buy the RTX 3080 could be a smart move if you're building a premium gaming PC. Sure, it has been kicked off the best graphics card throne by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, but it still has what it takes to rip through 4K visuals at 60fps without breaking much of a sweat. And, if you play your cards right, you'll be able to grab one for less than the current frontrunner.

If you've already checked out our Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 review, you'll know that the card packs a punch. While it doesn't have access to newer features like DLSS 3.5 and Frame Generation, it's still worth considering in 2024 for the right price. If you know where to look, there's still new stock to be found out there, as it hasn't quite turned into a second hand only GPU like older generation options.

Down below, you'll find everything you need to know about picking up an RTX 3090, including its price and reliable retailers that will see you right. Just keep in mind that graphics card prices are still a bit iffy following a couple of years of inflation, and you might ultimately be better off looking for an RTX 40-series GPU.

RTX 3090 price

Featuring 24GB of GDDR6X memory that runs at 19.5 Gbps with a boost clock of 1755MHz and 10496 CUDA cores, there's little surprise that this VR-ready and Ray Tracing-beast of a graphics card launched with a staggering MSRP of $1,499 and RRP of £1,399. Today those MSRP / RRP costs are $999.99 and £1049.99  It's worth stating that you can find RTX 3090 stock much cheaper (and much more expensive depending on stock levels!) than this now, though. These are just reference price points set by Nvidia, something retailers don't always take into account. 

We use minimal hyperbole when we say that the RTX 3090 graphics card is an absolute monolith in the making for any dream PC build, where any users lucky enough to have it in their system easily have some of the best gaming PCs around. 

If you're interested in the kinds of savings you can make on towers for less at the moment, we recommend checking out our best cheap gaming PC deals page. We're also rounding up the best cheap gaming laptop deals available as well if you want mobile versions of other RTX 30 series video cards. 

You can find out everything we know about RTX 4000 series in our encompassing explainer guide. 

Where to buy RTX 3090

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Where to buy RTX 3090 in April 2024

Where to buy RTX 3090 - US

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From $1,299 (Check Newegg)

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From $1,299 (Check Newegg)
Newegg has lots of RTX 3090 stock at the moment, with plenty of refurbished or out-of-the-box options if you want to save some money. The cheapest new model is this ASUS TUF GeForce RTX 3090 for $1,299.

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From $1,099 (Check Amazon)

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From $1,099 (Check Amazon)
The world's largest online retailer has a few RTX 3090 graphics cards left from around the $1,099 mark and above. We've seen representation from all major GPU manufacturers such as EVGA, ASUS, and MSI, too, so there are a lot of choices here.

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From $1,099 (Check Best Buy)

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From $1,099 (Check Best Buy)
Best Buy doesn't have a huge range (and it is actually out of stock right now). It has had some decent clearance sales in the past though, so worth keeping an eye on.

Where to buy RTX 3090 - UK

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From £899.99 (Check Overclockers UK)

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From £899.99 (Check Overclockers UK)
Overclockers UK is full of RTX 3090 graphics cards selling well under RRP. Rates begin at £899.99, which is the best we've ever seen yet. Models include the Asus TUF range and the MSI Ventus line at the budget end of the pricing scale.

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From £1,294 (Check Amazon)

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From £1,294 (Check Amazon)
Amazon UK has a few RTX 3090 models available for sale with deals abound on all major manufacturer models. Stock is limiting though, for the moment. 

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From £1,079 (Check Currys)

Nvidia RTX 3090 | From £1,079 (Check Currys)
Currys has a handful of RTX 3090s on its online site for RRP prices or lower. The issue is catching them when in stock, so keep checking in as there isn't much stock at the minute. 

If you want to try your hand at picking up other GPUs from the 30 series line, we're here to help with finding you the best prices on standalone video cards, as well as PC configurations, found in gaming laptops and prebuilt towers. 

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How much is the RTX 3090 today

The RTX 3090 originally launched for $1,499, but you'll still often find it for over $1,000 today. We'd recommend trying to pick one up for far less than that if you can, as brand new options like the RTX 4080 Super offer up extra features like DLSS 3.5 and Frame Generation that will provide better performance.

Can the RTX 3080 handle 8K?

Typically, we'd recommend sticking with 4K regardless of what GPU you've got, but if you're hellbent on playing games at 8K, the RTX 3090 can technically pull it off. Just keep in mind that frame rates will be much lower than usual and you'll likely have to dial back settings.

Is the RTX 3090 high end?

Back in 2020, the GeForce RTX 3090 was considered Nvidia's flagship graphics card, but it has been kicked off the throne by the RTX 4090. That said, it's still very much high end, providing to tier 4K performance without much compromise. 

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