Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics for March 26 - March 30

Destiny 2
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Where is Xur? For the weekend of March 26, you'll find Xur in the Tower. Look for him in the north end of the hangar up on some scaffolding. He'll hang out until reset time on Tuesday, March 30, so be sure to stop by to compare the stat rolls on his armor selection, get your weekly engram, and snag an Exotic cipher if you are missing any legacy Exotics. 

Here are all the Exotics Xur is selling this week:

  • Exotic weapon - Sweet Business: this drum-mag auto rifle has better hip-fire accuracy, gains fire rate and range the longer you hold the trigger, and reloads itself when you pick up primary ammo. Sweet Business is the meme that's hard to put down. It's a chain gun with a magazine the size of Texas, so if you're looking to cosplay a Chain Commander from Star Wars Battlefront 2, look no further.
  • Hunter Exotic - Lucky Raspberry: hits with arcbolt grenades have a chance to refund your grenade, and a full chain will always refund it. Hunters have an odd number of Exotics that buff the pants off one specific grenade, and arcbolts will never feel any better than when paired with Lucky Raspberry. It's a bit of a gambler's Exotic, and the payoff is a bit niche at that, but it's the best way to max out your arcbolts per minute.
  • Titan Exotic - One-Eyed Mask: marks enemies that damage you, and gives you an overshield when you kill marked enemies. One-Eyed Mask has been nerfed multiple times since its release, and it's still pretty darn good. The neutral utility it provides is great for 6v6 PvP, and you don't have to play differently to take advantage of it. 
  • Warlock Exotic - Chromatic Fire: precision kills with kinetic weapons trigger an elemental explosion based on the element of your Light subclass. It's a shame that this Exotic doesn't work with Stasis, but adding element-specific Firefly to all your kinetic weapons is super fun. It's a great combo with Exotics like Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale, and while it's not terribly practical in high-end content, Chromatic Fire is dang fun to use. 
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