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Where Cards Fall is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC next year

Where Cards Fall, the Apple Arcade coming-of-age puzzle game, is heading to Nintendo Switch and PC early next year.

The narrative game tells the tale of an unnamed protagonist who must navigate a cycle of growing up, traversing different landscapes from cities to woods to classrooms as they pass through key life milestones like graduating high school, going to college, and starting a career. You must use card-based structures to get past obstacles in order to get from point A to point B - the unstable builds you'll create are a great analogy for the trials of growing up.

When Cards Fall released as an Apple Arcade exclusive back in September 2019, and while there's no set date for when the game will hit Nintendo Switch and PC, you can expect it in early 2021. Just don't expect it to feel like a port of a small mobile title, as creator Sam Rosenthal and game designer Joel Clark tell Game Informer (opens in new tab), because it's not one."It's always going to have unique controls on every platform that fits that platform," says Clark

"It shouldn't feel at all when you're playing it on Switch or PC like this is, you know, a port of a small mobile title," Rosenthal says. "It is just a big, substantial, premium title that will be right at home on all these platforms. So, yes, it happened to start on Apple Arcade, but I think anybody that's playing it for the very first time will be shocked to know that this ever was on mobile in the first place."

Stay tuned, as we'll update you with a release date for Where Cards Fall as soon as we hear word of it.

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Alyssa Mercante
Alyssa Mercante

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