What you need to know about Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

Judau Ashta

A firm believer in practical outerwear, Judau Ashta is also the pilot of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Before reaching his coveted pilot position, Judau dropped out of school to enter the lucrative field of junk dealing and support his younger sister. But when the A.U.E.G. cruiser stopped by the port where Judau sold his junk, he seized the opportunity to unsuccessfully steal the Zeta Gundam. Luckily, he ended up becoming a pilot for the A.U.E.G. somehow anyways.

Judau is then able to continue his “street” education by learning what it means to be both human and a soldier during many epic battles against Neo Zeon. In the final battle, Judau defeats Haman Karn, finally ending the conflict. Good for him.

Katejina Loos

Katejina, Katejina, Katejina, what else is there to say? She was once a civilian but was dragged into the Zanscare Empire Earth invasion by chance. A fast riser, she gained the attention of Uso, of the League Militaire, early in the conflict, but turned on him after gaining some battle experience. However, Katejiina was not able to defeat Uso despite all her best efforts, trickery and coordinated orange jumpsuits. Then, in the final battle, she was conked on the head one too many times and lost her memory.

Loran Cehack

Like Gym, Loran also has weird hair and is a member of the Moonrace. Originally a moon scout, he was sent to earth to investigate the possibility of colonization. Chosen for his looks and ability to not be noticed among ordinary people, he successfully blends in by becoming a servant of a farming family.

Eventually, Loran completely messes up his colonization mission, taking control of the excavated Turn A Gundam, he forges peace between the Moonrace and the Earth shortly after a conflict erupts. D’oh!

Seabook Arno

Just another ordinary student from the Frontier IV, with a mother obsessed with her job as a weapons researcher and plenty of ordinary teenage concerns about dating and body image, there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about Seabook. Except, maybe, that he’s the pilot of the Gundam F91, the only Gundam with a built-in bio-computer – big ups to Mom on that one, Seabrook. He uses his advanced Gundam to confront Cecily’s father, Iron Mask, dashing his greedy ambitions by destroying the giant mobile weapon called Rafflesia.

Jan 13, 2008