What if Niko Bellic was in Mario Kart?

When eco-friendly and radioactive-riddled worlds combine.

Gordon Freeman in Mass Effect

Get ready for the most uneventful action RPG ever, as old Gogsy remains completely silent throughout a 20 hour quest built around conversation choices.

Sonic in Burnout

This is what really happens when hedgehogs go sprinting about willy nilly. It's less care-free sprinting through loop-the-loops, more brutal roadkill.

Yorda in Rumble Roses

Who wants two evenly matched, amply-chested female combatants scrapping when you can have ICO's ethereal princess getting kicked in her dainty head?

Duke Nukem in Kingdom Hearts

Once upon a time in a magical, sleazy, sex-filled kingdom...

Sep 16, 2009

Because the best things in life are for grown-ups

And other assorted gaming wrongness