What if Niko Bellic was in Mario Kart?

And that got us thinking. What if more of our most beloved characters jumped the shark and tried different types of games? Have you ever wondered how the famously tight-lipped Gordon Freeman would get on in the chin-wagging-athon that is Mass Effect? Or pondered on what would happen if Leisure Suit Larry bumped into a Left 4 Dead witch? Well ponder no more, because we've put some of your favourite games into a big game-melding blender and come up with the following mash-ups.

Marcus Fenix in Cooking Mama

The space marine with a neck thicker than a Redwood has sawed countless pesky aliens in half with that Lancer of his. But, personally, we think it's high time he put his slicing and dicing skills to better, more culinary-centric use.

Pok%26eacute;mon in Afrika

Those little Nintendo blighters think they’re pretty tough with their electricity and other elemental-powered attacks, eh? Well, let’s see how they cope when they’re introduced to a little thing we like to call the circle of life… or, in this case, death.

Alex Mercer in Trauma Center

Prototype's puerile antihero can do almost anything with those claws of his. And after gutting most of New York we think it's time he gave something back to society. And what better way to be integrated back into the realms of social acceptability than trying your hand/giant pointy fingers of death at a bit of surgery?

Leisure Suit Larry in Left 4 Dead

Seeing as Lovage is the randiest thing on stubby, sex-starved legs and Left 4 Dead witches are eligible, independent females... kind of, it's pretty much a date made in heaven. Well, until the nasty evisceration part of the night that comes after dessert.

David Meikleham
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