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Westworld finale trailer proves these violent delights have violent ends

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the most recent episodes of Westworld and potential spoilers for the season finale.

Westworld's episode titles can be approached like every other aspect of the series; as clues to help viewers unlock the show's mysteries. Or at the very least, give us a hint about what's to come in future episodes. 

The season 1 finale is called The Bicameral Mind. This term refers to a theory about how humans acquired consciousness - through discussions with themselves, which led them to believe they were chatting with a higher power. 

Seeing as how this is a show about androids dallying with the idea of sentience, that episode title packs a heftier punch. Together with the trailer for the series' finale, things appear to be getting more and more crackers for the Hosts and the humans: 

In light of the most recent episode's revelation - Arnold chatting with Dolores and Maeve encouraging ideas of autonomy - we're likely to see a massive droid rebellion in the finale. Did you see that huge pile of corpses? Dolores pointing a gun at her head? Her GRAVE? Maeve rallying together Hosts? This isn't the same park we visited back in the premiere.  

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays at 9pm in the US, and on Sky Atlantic on Tuesdays at 9pm in the UK. You can also catch up via Sky On demand or NOWTV. 

Images: HBO

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