Could we be seeing a Wes Anderson horror movie soon?

Wes Anderson has been discussing his career as a filmmaker at Rome Film Festival, and according to the director, he’s been turning over the idea of experimenting with other genres, with a horror, and even a Christmas film, being considered.

"I have thought of doing a horror movie, and I have thought of doing a Christmas movie," Anderson said. "Horror is an area where if a filmmaker really wants to use all the tricks, the techniques to affect your emotions... With the kind of movies I do, you’re supposed to say, ‘is this part supposed to be funny, or is this part supposed to be sad?’ Well, you say, ‘I don’t know. I’m not sure.’ This is the way we wanted it."

"When you make a horror or a thriller, you say you’re supposed to be scared here. You’re supposed to be relieved here. Here we’re explaining something so you know the next part so you’ll be more scared then. I like the idea of the requirements and the obligations of working in a genre like that. I’ve done some scenes like that, but I’d like to do a scary movie."

"The good thing with a Christmas movie," continues Anderson, "if you make a great Christmas song or movie or book, as Dickens showed us, you can make a huge fortune, because they come back every year. As long as you have a piece of the action, then it’s a perennial." A Wes Anderson Christmas movie? Consider us sold...

George Wales

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