Wendy's, the fast-food place, has a tabletop RPG where frozen beef is the enemy

(Image credit: Wendy's Company)

A game about a rogue goose just outsold a Zelda game released the same day, the former governor of California is in a Mortal Kombat game, and a popular fast-food chain just dropped a video game. Welcome to gaming in 2019, folks. Indeed, on top of slinging square-shaped burgers and roasting competitors on Twitter, Wendy's is now dipping their toes into the tabletop gaming market currently dominated by D&D with Feast of Legends, available now for free.

Maybe the most alarming part of this whole situation is the way the sharp-tongued Wendy's Twitter account frames Feast of Legends as their "first" tabletop RPG, implying that this isn't a one-off venture for the burger joint. Honestly though, I'm here for it. The materials are laden with the sort-of cleverness we've come to expect from months of headline-making burns coming from the fast-food giant, and the website and book are extensive beyond what you'd expect from a meatless PR stunt.

To be clear, there is meat to these bones. Feast of Legends is essentially a stripped-down D&D, but make no mistake, this is the real deal. It's a fully playable tabletop RPG with a 97-page downloadable PDF including detailed rules and instructions, maps and visuals, story details, player sheets, and about 100,000 food-related puns. The website features a digital dice-roller and some snappy copy like this:

"Freshtovia is known for its lush fields; signature dishes; and redheaded queen, Queen Wendy. As queen of Freshtovia, Wendy has clapped back at all attacks on her borders. She is strong and has maintained her nation’s integrity despite the growing pressure of the other nations."

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