Untitled Goose Game may be unleashed on PS4, Xbox One, and mobile soon

Untitled Goose Game
(Image credit: House House)

Untitled Goose Game may be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and potentially even mobile at some stage in the future. In an interview with ABC News, developers House House talked to the Melbourne-based news site about the success of the game and said that they hope to bring the mischievous goose to other platforms such as PS4 and Xbox to "reach a wider audience." 

House House's endlessly fun goose adventure has been a runaway success for the indie studio, and even topped the Switch bestseller list on the Nintendo eShop in the US, as well as the download charts in the UK and Australia when it initially released. The white and orange honk machine has already taken the internet by storm thanks to all of the cheeky shenanigans it can get up to in the quiet little village. From running off with a knife to trapping villagers in a garage and making off with the resident's underwear, there's no shortage of ways to wreak havoc. 

It's practically impossible to avoid seeing the stealthy wing flapper online. The waddling honker has even found its way into other game worlds such as Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and PT thanks to the creativity of players who want to see the goose get up some of its signature hijinks in other virtual worlds. Given its success, it makes sense to bring the game to other consoles so more people can tap into their desire to cause mischief in a goose-y fashion. The studio also appears to be looking at bringing Untitled Goose Game to mobile if it's able to work out ways of implementing good touch controls. 

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While it hasn't been officially confirmed if or when the goose will be unleashed on other consoles, knowing that the studio is hoping to is great news for anyone who doesn't have a PC or Switch. 

Have you gotten stuck during your honking escapades? Our Untitled Goose Game walkthrough will keep your wings flapping.  

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