We'll be at PAX Prime this weekend - come hang out with us!

We've PAXed our bags, called a PAXidriver, and we're ready to down several six-PAX of boozey drinks! So... what we're trying to say is... WE'RE GOING TO PAX THIS WEEKEND. And know what we want to do the most? Meet YOU, of course, both at our panel, and during a live, boozey recording of our stupid podcast, TalkRadar. So if you plan to be at gaming's foremost celebratory celebration, then cure our crippling loneliness and come hang out with us. Please? We'll be your best friends!*

See our schedule below!

*Genuine friendship not guaranteed.

Above: This is who will be there, only with less toppling over (we hope)

Saturday, 8 p.m.: Meet up with us at SEGA's party at Gameworks** (1511 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA), which opens to the public at 8. We'll (try to) record a live episode of TalkRadar, which you can participate in! Be famous!***

**18 and up, probably. It'll fill up fast, so be there early!
***Fame is relative.

Sunday, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.: Join us for our first-ever PAX panel, "Ask a Games Journalist," in the Unicorn Theater. GR Executive Editor Brett Elston, Senior Editor Mikel Reparaz, and PC Gamer EIC Logan Decker will be answering audience questions about anything and everything related to the art of gams jarnlasm. Here's the summary:

How do I get a job in the games industry? What college degree should I pursue? Are games journalists on the take? How can anyone give Heavy Rain a 7/10? Walk up to the mic and ask away - we%26rsquo;ve assembled a team of industry professionals who are ready to field your questions. BTW, the answers are: Show up, Doesn%26rsquo;t matter, No, we barely have enough money for soup and rent, and Because it%26rsquo;s a story-driven game with a crappy story.

Above: Hey shut up this is Brett... telling you to come to PAX. Please. (Please.)

In the event that any of this changes, we'll update you via GamesRadar's Twitter account, so be sure to follow us! We may add meet-ups as we go, as well. Plans are for squares, man!

Sep 1, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer