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Welcome To New York review

Abel Ferrara is your host...

Abel Ferrara offers his lurid take on the scandal that put paid to Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s chances of the French presidency, showing the IMF chief’s alleged molestation of a Guinean housekeeper as far from atypical. Bulging with graphic sex, pretentious monologues, strained allegories and an undisciplined, repetitive narrative, Welcome To New York will madden many but delight the Big Apple auteur’s admirers.

As a portrait of a privileged, narcissistic sex addict, its magnificence and messiness are intertwined, while Gérard Depardieu’s (literally) naked performance offers a gurning, grunting bedfellow to Keitel’s Bad Lieutenant and Brando’s butterfat Last Tango In Paris protagonist.

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