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Weekly Replay - Xbox One unboxing, Pokemon Weekly, and MMOs

Come by every week as we round up all of the biggest articles and developments coming out of the gaming industry and our own crackpot ideas. This week, check out how we would remake Ganondorf in the next Super Smash Bros. Watch the first episode of Pokemon X and Y Weekly. Also, take a look at Nolan North's best roles. Read up on these and more in the links below.

Microsoft releases the first Xbox One unboxing video

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Super Smash Bros. Wii U weekly - Let's remake Ganondorf

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Pokemon X and Y Weekly - A wild tree appears!

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The 10 most addicting games of all time

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25 new MMORPGs on the horizon for 2013 and beyond

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The Top 7...Best Nolan North roles in gaming

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Had enough GTA 5 yet? Yeah, thought not. In the latest episode of GTA 5 o’clock Dan Dawkins and Tim Weaver talk about the game's biggest heist.

MAJOR SPOILERS, obviously, but a must-read if you’ve finished the game: Naughty Dog reveal The Last Of Us’ alternative plot and ending.

Official PlayStation Magazine

How does the next generation stack up? PS4 vs PS3 games: the launch line up comparison.

If you haven’t already put your name down, you might have to wait even longer for yours: PS4 pre-orders no longer guaranteed for launch day delivery.

Official Xbox Magazine

Buying the new Xbox? OXM tells you which Xbox One launch game you should buy first.

All the Xbox One exclusives in one place - Phil Spencer talks assembling Microsoft's biggest EVER first-party line-up.


Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: who wins this battle of the smartphone heavyweights?

In the market for some new cans? Check out this handy buying guide and find out which are the best headphones for you.


Do good things come in small packages? Google wants to turn your television into a content hub – read TechRadar’s Chromecast review to find out if it’ll succeed.

The volume buttons is on the where?! If you’re in the market for a new phone check out this Hands on LG G2 review.

Tesco Tech Support

Got a Windows 8 tablet? The fairly small solid state drive it’s packing means you might be running out of room. Here’s how to free up space on a Windows 8 tablet.

Save on keyboard wear: read this and find out how to set up touch-enabled Firefox on your laptop.

Total Film

We got to number 32 and now we’re hiding in a cupboard. Get nostalgic for the decade dress sense forgot with the 50 Greatest '80s Movie Characters.

He’s up all night to get Loki (sorry). Watch the new Thor: The Dark World trailer online now.

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