Weekly Replay - The Steam announcements, Toon Link, and more

Valve has been on an announcement frenzy these last few days. If you've missed out on all the news on Steam's move to the living room you have some catching up to do. That's why we've gathered all of the latest info in the links below. Also, see how wrong we were about Toon Link in the latest Super Smash Bros. Weekly and get our thoughts on how GTA 6 can improve the franchise.

SteamOS is...what, exactly?

Demystifying the Steam Machines

You're and idiot if you think Nintendo should make iOS games

8 things we want from GTA 6

Super Smash Bros Wii U Weekly - Toon Link breaks in


Where's the Yeti? We explore the very finest GTA 5 conspiracy theories.

Valve's Steam PCs launch 2014.

Official Nintendo Magazine

Meet Doublade, the latest new Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y.

Toon link is a playable character in Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS but is he too similar to 'realistic' Link?

Official PlayStation Magazine

GTA 5 trophy tips - our guide to Grand Theft Autos hardest trophies

The ultimate PS3 DLC guide - the best downloads on the PlayStation Store

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

Why I'll never finish GTA 5

Ryse above it: how to be the worst gladiator on Xbox One


Looking for a budget tablet this autumn? Check out our picks of the Best cheap tablets for 2013 including the new Tesco Hudl tablet Microsoft could be ready to update its mobile OS; here's all the rumours on a possible Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade.


Check out our BlackBerry Z30 hands on review to see whether the 5-incher will prove a hitter for anyone in the market for a top-end smartphone.

Valve has its sights set on your lounge with SteamOS. Confused? We explain all.

Tesco Tech

Let's Hudl! We get hands on with Tesco's new tablet, the Hudl.

Introducing the Tesco Hudl tablet. A new 7-inch, Android, HD tablet that aims to open up a world of entertainment and connectivity to all.

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