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Weekender: The Panels

A full run-down of who’ll being doing what, when and where over the course of the SFX Weekender 2


Main Void

11.30 The Opening Ceremony
Dave Bradley and the SFX team say hi.

12.00 Primeval Q&A
Producers Tim Haines and Tim Bradley, and stars Ben Mansfield (Becker) and Jonathan Byrne (Ethan)

13.00 The Comic Heroes panel: How to get started in comics
Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood, Dez Skinn, Paul Cornell

14.00 The Arthur C Clarke Award panel: The science in science fiction
Stephen Baxter, Peter F Hamilton, China Miéville, Gary Gibson, Kevin J Anderson

15.00 George Takei Q&A

16.00 When Fans Go Bad
James Moran, Paul Cornell, Mark Charan Newton, Kevin J Anderson discover the pros and cons of having an active and vocal fanbase


13.00 Primeval - exclusive early screening of the series fine
Followed by a panel featuring Tim Haines and Tim Bradley

14.00 Special effects – who needs ‘em?
Ben Aaronovitch, James Moran, Louis Savy and Dave Golder discuss whether modern screen sci-fi is over-reliant on spectacle

15.00 K9

16.00 Blake’s Seven’s Sally Knyvette

17.00 What scares us in the 21st century?
Dave Moody, Wayne Simmons, Al Ewing, Sarah Pinborough, Kevin J Anderson


12.00 Kevin J Anderson Q+A

14.00 Dan Boultwood and Tony Lee

15.00 Andy Remic book launch


Main Void

10.00 2000 AD Panel
Al Ewing, Leigh Gallagher, Keith Richardson

11.00 Is Doctor Who still for children?
Ben Aaronovitch, James Moran, Toby Whithouse, Paul Cornell

12.30 What’s next for TV vampires?
Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Toby Whithouse, Sarah Pinborough, James Lovegrove, James Moran

13.15 Keeley Hawes Q&A

14.00 Craig Charles Q&A

15.00 Being Human Q&A
Russell Tovey, Toby Whithouse

16.00 Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter


11.00 The Essential SF, Fantasy And Horror Classics
Joe Abercrombie, David Wingrove, Peter F Hamilton, Adrian Tchaikovsky

11.45 Dual Britannia: creating alternate Englands
China Mieville, Kate Griffin, Bryan Talbot, Al Ewing, Jon Green

12.30 Bryan Talbot

13.15 Tie-in and shared universe fiction
Dan Abnett, Ben Aaronovitch, Chris Wraight, Nick Kyme, Stephen Baxter

14.00 The Comic Heroes panel: Beyond the US: the wider world of comics
Tony Lee, Bryan Talbot, Den Patrick, Leigh Gallagher, Pat Mills

15.00 Ultramarines screening and Q&A
Dan Abnett, Bob Thompson

17.00 Monsters screening and Q&A
With the film’s editor Colin Goudie


11.00 China Mieville Q&A

11.45 Peter F Hamilton Q&A

12.30 Joe Abercrombie

13.15 James Lovegrove Q&A

14:00 Abaddon pub hour