Wednesday Link-a-Mania

* According to , Nicolas Cage is talking to producers about a follow-up to the poorly-received Ghost Rider movie. It’s clear that audiences aren’t exactly chomping at the bit for more flaming skull-headed motorbike-riding action, but the Marvel hero is one of Cage‘s own faves (apparently he has a Ghost Rider tattoo, but he hasn’t sent it in to SFX yet), and he seems keen to get back in the supernatural saddle. “I would like to do a reconceive,” the actor says. “I would like to go in a whole other direction, and I think that’s what they’re talking about… I would make it much less of a Western and more of an international story.”

* Stephen Chow has now left the Michel Gondry-directed big screen version of the Green Hornet altogether. Originally, the Kung Fu Hustle director was going to shoot and co-star in the movie, then he was demoted to just co-starring as sidekick Kato, and now he's just… gone. Due to scheduling commitments, apparently. "There was a mutual and amicable decision by both sides to move on," said the studio in a statement. "We are out now to cast a new Kato and remain fully committed to Michel Gondry's exciting vision for the film, which will begin production this September." Seth Rogen will play the title role in the action-adventure scheduled for a July 9, 2010 release.

* Hannah Montanna star Miley Cyrus is to sprout wings in a new movie for Disney called, erm, Wings. Based on the book of the same name, the film will star Billy Ray’s daughter as Laurel, a 15-year-old who discovers that she’s a fairy, reports Variety Published in May, the novel is the first of a planned four-book series.

* HBO’s True Blood is bucking trends in the US, and actually seeing its audience grow. According to Variety the fourth episode of season two has seen the show's highest ratings yet, even eclipsing the heavily-publicised season premiere. And well deserved the success is too. The show is going from strength to strength.

* Angie Sage‘s children’s fantasy hero Septimus Heap is heading for the big screen, in an animated film to be directed by Marley And Me helmer David Frankel, reports Coming Soon .

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