We Love Katamari rolls in

The much-loved obscure Japanese game We Love Katamari is to be co-published in the UK next year by Electronic Arts and Namco.

The Redwood giant, mostly known for its glossy brands such as FIFA and Need for Speed, has decided to pick up and put out the weird Namco-developed title, despite the original having never appeared over here.

Fusing and confusing Super Monkey Ball with Marble Madness and a wodge of Plasticine, the game revolves around rolling over and collecting pretty much everything in a brightly coloured, bluntly cornered cartoon world.

Not only does it look weird, it will sound weird too, thanks to the inclusion of the original Japanese soundtrack. And the weirdness will last a while too, due to 40 Fan requests, a brand new two-player cooperative mode and a Battle option.

We Love Katamari will be released on PS2 early next year