Watchmen Motion Comic hits the UK

Warner & DC's Watchmen Motion Comics series is now available on the iTunes Store in the UK.

Billed as "a new way for graphic novel fans to connect with their favourite characters and the stories they know and love", the comics take Dave Gibbons' original Watchmen artwork and make bits of it move and speak - with some nice music underneath.

The effect is cute but curious - Alan Moore meets Captain Pugwash.

The motion comics will be released in weekly episodes leading up to the movie's theatrical release.

You can buy them individually for £1.89 or splash out £20.99 on a Season Pass.

Of course, you could also just pick up the original comic in paper form and move your head around a lot, bringing the book close to your face occasionally and reading out the dialogue in various amusing voices. When your girlfriend's out.

See more screenshots in our gallery on the right. They don't move, but fans of the novel will get a feel for the subtle retooling.

Question: Is this the birth of a new media - or just a posh book for people too lazy to read?