Watch the first four minutes of The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere

AMC's The Walking Dead isn't set to return from its mid-season break until February 14 in the US and the day after in the UK, but fans can watch the first four minutes of the new episode right now. The official Walking Dead Twitter account has shared a link you can follow to AMC's web player. Or, you could get cozy and just watch below:

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The Walking Dead took a little extra time off this year, with its mid-season finale airing on November 29. Season 6 has brought plenty of twists and turns to the undead-flavored drama, even a few we might not agree with (opens in new tab). From the looks of this preview and what we've heard about the mid-season premiere "scaring" people (opens in new tab), it's apparent that things are only going to get more complicated.

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Images: AMC

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