Watch the Stranger Things season 2 final trailer and pay attention to these 4 key scenes

This is it, no more teasers. The final trailer for Stranger Things season 2 has arrived and it has just about everything you could want: more creepy monsters, more Will definitely not being dead, more Eleven and Eggos, more Dustin making his trademark "no duh" face, and - perhaps more importantly - more of that radical soundtrack. Seriously, if all this second season is good for is more thudding bass and arpeggiating synthesizers I'll still be happy.

With that said, it looks like we have a lot more than cool tunes to look forward to. Let's break down a few of the key scenes from the trailer.

Eleven's back early from the Upside Down

The trailer starts with Eleven retrieving one of the Eggo care packages we see Hopper leaving for her at the end of season 1. This isn't mirror world trickery - the non-creepy trees and non-creepy snow establish that it's taking place in our world (call it the Right Side Up if you must). But we know that at least some of Stranger Things season 2 takes place during Halloween, the better part of a year later. If Eleven's capable of coming back to the real world so soon after her battle with the demogorgon, why does she wait out the winter in the wilderness?

Will is the key to what's happening (again)

As was teased by that creepy slug scene near the end of the first season, Will still has some kind of connection to the Upside Down. Now it's giving him visions of something even more frightening than the Demogorgon. The doctors have him rigged up with electrodes as if they're checking him for brain damage, perfectly setting up the usual "the adults don't believe us so it's up to us kids" premise. I wonder if Will is the only one who can see that massive, tentacled monster? Speaking of which....

The stakes are much higher this time

The Demogorgon was an awful thing but it was still roughly equivalent to a slasher villain; killing a few people at a time then retreating to the shadows. Whatever this Lovecraftian horror is, it looks a hell of a lot worse. How did something that big get here from the Upside Down? Was it more secret government meddling? Is Will acting as an anchor for stranger things to come into this world? Or is it something else entirely?

You should always keep a bat with nails in it on hand

This one speaks for itself.

Stranger Things season 2 will premiere on Netflix on October 27. We won't have any more trailers to satisfy our appetites until then, but you can always go back and check out that weird Stranger Things slideshow teaser again.

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