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How to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online this Christmas

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online

 If you please, Mr Scrooge, won’t you endure the talking frog once more? It’s Christmas time, and that means The Muppets are back, but if you watched The Game Awards, it may feel like they never left. The Muppet Christmas Carol is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and legendary Christmas film with Michael bloody Caine as Scrooge and a heap of talking felt animals who deliver a heartwarming Dickensian tale. 

If you’re looking to find out when and where you can watch A Muppet Christmas Carol, I dare say you’ve come to the right place, dear reader. In this article, we’re going to run through how to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol in the UK, US, and Canada this Christmas, as well as a note on where to catch it outside of those regions if you’re up for using a VPN. 

Given that every license owner with three films to their name has a streaming service now, things can get a little confusing, but this list should show you where the best deal is depending on your location. 

And if you're looking to open up your viewing over Christmas, here are the best VPNs for Netflix you can subscribe to.

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online (US)

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online

The Muppet Christmas Carol can be enjoyed one and all by DIRECTV subscribers in the States, as well as those of you with a Disney Plus subscription. If you’re not ready to start subscribing just yet, you can check it on the PlayStation Store for $2.99, as well as Amazon, and iTunes for the same festive price. 

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online (UK)

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online

In a glorious stroke of fate you can watch A Muppet Christmas Carol with a simple subscription to Now TV, Sky’s streaming service. They have it in their cinema library. It’s also £4.99 on iTunes and Amazon in the UK. Perfect for when you’re cooking that goose. 

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online (Canada)

(Image credit: Disney)

The main means by which our Canadian friends can enjoy fun with Fozzie is via Disney Plus, but it is also available on the native Cineplex platform. Elsewhere head to Apple’s iTunes store where they’re flogging Scrooge’s tale for $3.99. 

How to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online in other regions 

Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online

If you’re in Australia, head to Disney Plus for The Muppet Christmas Carol or you can rent it for $3.99 on iTunes.  

How to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online via VPN 

You might be looking at some of the prices above and wanting a cheaper deal on your region’s version of The Muppet Christmas Carol. There’s an easy way to get around that region roadblock. Watching via VPN has never been easier: installing the software allows you to trick your ISP into thinking it’s in another country, opening up that country’s library of movies (and most importantly, prices) to you. 

So, if something is cheaper on Apple in the UK, for example, and you’re on the East Coast of America, simply fire up the VPN, set your server location to London, Manchester, or any number of UK cities and away you go. It really is that simple.

Best VPN to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol online 

If you’re mindful of security and want a secure, long-term option, Nord VPN is going to be the best VPN for you. At only $3 a month if you sign up for 3 years, the service also boasts 2048-bit encryption, oodles of servers to choose from and, best of all, a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service. 

If you want something a little cheaper but just as reliable, Vypr VPN is worth a shot. It’s only $5 a month if you sign up for 12 months and, whether you’re streaming or downloading, it’s going to be equally fast for you. Even better, you get a three-day trial so you can dip your toe in the VPN water before committing outright.

For a great all-rounder, try Express VPN. It’s available to use via PC, Mac, iOS, and Android and comes at a decent price. It's one of the most reliable VPNs, it doesn’t track any of your usage and its ease-of-use makes it the best option for VPN newbies.

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