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Watch Epic Mickey raise the dead

I’ve blathered on and on about how much I love Oswald the Lucky Rabbit starring in Epic Mickey many times before. You don’t have to be an animation nerd to appreciate the ridiculously cool meta-collaboration of Disney’s long lost creation appearing alongside biggest and brightest one: Mickey Mouse. But I’ll spare youpersonal dorkoutsthis time around, and let you hear all about Oswald’s cruel origins from Junction Point and Warren Spector himself!

The only thing cooler than seeing Oswald performing under the Disney banner for the first time since 1928 is seeing him do it in the same frame asMickey Mouse! This is truly a reunion that took almost a century to put (back) together, so November 30th can’t come soon enough for a Disney dork like me. I pulled some screengrabs of the momentous occasion from today’s trailer and you can check them out below.

Above: That's right, Mickey... Technically, everything you have should've been Oswald's


Oct 12, 2010