Watch Dogs Legion free weekend starts this Friday

Watch Dogs Legion Bloodline not working
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Watch Dogs Legion will be free to play from Friday, September 3 through Sunday, September 5 on PS5, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.

Ubisoft announced the free-to-play weekend in a new blog post. To make the most of the limited window, you can preload the game on all participating platforms starting today (PC players can go through the Epic Games Store or the Ubisoft store). 

Like Ubisoft's other freebie periods, any progress you make this weekend will carry over into the full game if you decide to buy it. Our Watch Dogs Legion review was overall positive, and largely only hampered by frequent bugs which have mostly been squashed at this point, so now's a pretty good time to give it a try. It also has zombies now, for those of you who were holding out for the addition of the undead. And if you're playing on PS5, you can enjoy 60 crispy frames per second thanks to the new-gen patch.

If you find yourself enamored with Legion's hacktivist take on London and hungry for more, you can get the same on sale. Here's the price breakdown for each platform and edition (this being a Ubisoft game, it's kind of complicated):

  • PC - 60% off standard, deluxe, gold, and ultimate editions. 25% off the season pass.
  • Stadia - 55% off the deluxe edition, 50% off the gold edition. 
  • PS5 and PS4 - 67% off the deluxe and gold editions.

Ubisoft still actively supports Watch Dogs Legion and recently added a new character with some old-school Assassin's Creed vibes.

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