Watch Dogs Legion Assassin's Creed DLC coming next week with a new playable character

Watch Dogs Legion is getting some Assassin's Creed crossover DLC next week that includes a new playable character, a couple of new story missions, and a few new world events. Check out the trailer up top revealing Darcy, a playable member of the Assassin's Brotherhood who players will get to know in the main game and in online multiplayer.

Darcy, who you can see scaling rooftops and executing lethal takedowns in classic Assassin's Creed style in the above trailer, will be available to season pass owners next Tuesday, August 24. However, if you don't own the season pass, you'll still get the new story content and world events free if you own the base game.

In a few ways, Watch Dogs Legion's Assassin's Creed DLC is like an homage to the latter's more stealth-focused origins. It's been a hot minute since we've seen a member of the Assassin Order in full garb drop down and stab the shit out of someone. Plus, the song in the trailer is 'A Sneaking Sense of Liberty' from the Assassin's Creed Unity soundtrack, an obvious callback to the series' past.

If you want to jump back into Watch Dogs Legion for the Assassin's Creed DLC, the season pass is currently available at a steep discount from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft, or at regular price on PC. The season pass adds the post-game story expansion Bloodlines, four new playable characters, and three new DedSec Missions.

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Jordan Gerblick

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