Watch 7 minutes of Fallout 76 online gameplay full of nukes, multiplayer and settlement building

If you want to see some Fallout 76 gameplay then you're in luck. We've pulled out 7 minutes of action from Bethesda's reveal last night showing the game in action, including several key features like online play, settlement building and the ability to nuke the map to attack people and create high risk, loot rich fallout zones to raid.

While Bethesda had said you can solo the whole game if you want, it's clear Fallout 76 is designed to be played online with the opening gameplay showing two players fighting to the death. How groups will interact remains to be seen - will you be able to party up or just form uneasy alliances ? Emotes are in, and most of the fighting shows groups taking on big monsters together so it's actually quite Destiny 2 like in a way. 

The Fallout 76 gameplay also shows the new CAMP system. That's the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform that lets you build a home anywhere on flat ground. It looks a lot like an enhanced version of the settlement building from Fallout 4, giving you a place to show off your wasteland rewards while protecting yourself with turrets and other weapons. 

Then there's nukes. This appears to be a co-op activity where players can work together and find the nuclear codes to a series of missile silos scattered around the West Virginia location. When you complete the code you can fire a missile anywhere on the map which does one of two things. Firstly it kills everything, and secondly it creates a new irradiated zone to explore. It's dangerous but also the best place to find high level loot. 

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