Warners off to Shannara

Oh, Warners…. If you’re not busy searching for the next Harry Potter, or digging up ‘80s cartoon characters, you’re on the trail of the next Lord Of The Rings.

One of the biggest contenders for the Tolkien mantle in the literary world is Terry Brooks, who holds the accolade for the second biggest-selling fantasy writer in the world (we really don’t need to tell you who the first is, do we? Okay… it rhymes with “haykay towelling”.)

The Shannara is a fantasy series set 1,000 years in the future, when Earth’s current societies have gone sour and elves, gnomes, trolls and a myriad of other fantasy archetypes run wild. The titular Shannara family are a bunch of half-man, half-Elf types who boast the winning combination of warrior skills and magical abilities. Oooh… get the show-offs! Oh, and they have to save the world. But you knew that already, right?

Brooks has never allowed a studio to option his books before, and with 14 of them in print, you can understand executives seeing franchise potential. Apparently Dan Farah (who will likely produce) and co-producer Ryan Colucci won him over with their nerdy love. "The books are packed with adventures and epic battles that will play great on the big screen, but what I love most about the series is that it's set in our world and what could be our future," Farah babbled to Variety (opens in new tab) .

Unusually for a series, it’s the second book – The Elfstones Of Shannara – that will see the screen first, assuming it all works out. If it’s a success, we’ll be living with this thing for years…

source:( Variety (opens in new tab) )

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