Warner considering selling Ryan Gosling's directorial debut after Cannes reviews

It's probably safe to say that Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, Lost River , hasn't gone down as well as would have been predicted at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes audiences are notoriously quick to turn on a project, and the reaction to Gosling's film has been distinctly mixed. Read Total Film 's Lost River reaction review here .

It now sounds as though Warner Bros might be reconsidering their distribution plan for the film, with Deadline reporting that the studio - which brought the film to the festival - is now looking to pass the film to a niche distributor for release.

The studio has a good working relationship with Gosling, and according to the report, the film might fare better under the care of a speciality distributor.

With the likes of Christina Hendricks, Matt Smith and Saoirse Ronan all involved, we'd imagine star power alone will ensure this one finds a new home, with fans no doubt keen to catch a glimpse of Gosling's latest artistic endeavour...

George Wales

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