Warner Bros turning Lego into a film

Warners has decided to jump on the toys-to-film bandwagon with plans for a film based on Lego.

The studio has hired writers Dan and Kevin Hageman to find some way to turn the building blocks into a CG/live action blend adventure.

And it has even roped in Terminator Salvation producer Dan Lin to oversee it - we're guessing Lego blocks will be easier to wrangle than Christian Bale when he's in a mood.

The writers have just finished penning Hotel Transylvania for Sony Animation and came to fame back in 2003 when Steven Spielberg asked them to write an as-yet-unproduced script based on one of his ideas.

There's zero word on a plot yet according to Variety, but Warners does already have a link with the blocks - it owns the video game studio that makes the likes of Lego Star Wars and Batman.

Maybe this is their sneaky way to make a third Bat-adventure on the cheap? And yes, it would avoid working with Christia... we did that one already.

We thought we were kidding when we suggested it only last week, but now we want our cut...

[Source: Variety ]

A Lego movie? Is your excitement building? Or do you have a block about the idea?

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